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Thread: Maplestory facebook adventures!!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by rasudoken View Post
    I was going to call him out on this too, but it could be interpreted as the "Allowing the Maplestory Adventure App access to your profile/information" thing.
    Oh right yeah, sorry, that is what I meant. I throw the term "install" around a lot these days since using the Chrome Web Store.

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    Party over.
    Hey cools I don't have a spoiler

    Quote Originally Posted by pWnZIngY0U34 View Post
    mayB try bigfoot. its godd exp to lvl up with

    ops i mean good*
    Quote Originally Posted by xtreme702 View Post
    CDFA's just a total dumbass half the forum knows that by now...

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    I wannt to party moar.

    If I canít have what I want, let me want what I have.

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    It's back online

    I chose mage this time, so I might not be as helpful but I won't spend as much energy when training
    Feel free to add me (on first page) if you play as well
    Quote Originally Posted by kaglover1 View Post
    I was conceived around 4-5am.

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    Lvl 25 warrior Add me :D

    also looking for Scanian friends :P pm me.

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    Mildy necrod, but...

    I'm stuck with a choice now. At lvl 38, I can equip a 2h sword that gives 40 more att than my previous sword (but it comes down to 33 when you factor in the shield).
    Would it be better to go with a +5 enhanced shield (for blocking) or 33 more att from the 2h sword?

    I'm leaning toward the sword, mostly because I'm on the brink of changing my KO rate against the Reinforced Iron Mutae. What %chance is "superior" when it comes to blocking?


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    Everytime i click the little GMS button to get things on my real maplestory account, it asks me to log in and then when i hit enter it refreshes and asks for my info again o.O

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    Oh, I didn't know MapleStory was on Facebook (well, who's not? even SIMS is there). Good to know, I've already started playing. Looks cute. Now I know what to do when I need to wait for something and have no book with me.
    The only thing I hate is that the App wants me to share every step I take to my friends. Can I somehow disable that?

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    Just click on skip

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