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Thread: Giving away my crap.

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    Completed Wyatt's transaction.
    I'm Retired.

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    You're awesome, Thart. Haven't gone on to check yet, but I will soon. If you need anything graphic-related, go ahead and ask me, I'll try my best. I'd do that for anyone, but you especially since you just gave me some crap and we barely know eachother.

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    To make it easier, why don't you just sell your account

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    Quote Originally Posted by kaglover1 View Post
    To make it easier, why don't you just sell your account
    Breaking rules is always easier.


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    IGN: SamLeeFamily
    World: Bello
    Gift: Regular 90 day Shop Permit
    Reason: Planning on making some money for the new legend jobs when I fix my computer
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    I'm here to share the wealth since I have zero purpose of holding NX that will expire in a year. Even though that I could buy items back when I got hacked, I am still missing loads of items that hold dear to me.

    Selling my account with low level characters and permanent NX clothing is madness.

    Edit: I've completed your request.
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    I'm Retired.

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