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Thread: Probably, possibly, and most likely

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    It's not that I can't improve. It's that well, like they say, "takes two to tango." I'm trying to be social despite all my failings by posting here.

    In return? "Bulma's a troll, forget him." Kinda hard to be social, when you feel (correctly) that people are rejecting you. Bad habits can be improved. Bad social connections? Hmmm, dunno.

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    Quote Originally Posted by omarXRanger View Post
    I feel like you bring this up all the time when you show up. The forum itself doesn't go downhill. The quality of the members and threads go downhill. (hint)
    I don't really bring it up THAT much, do I? :3~. Also, I don't personally feel that the forum is going downhill now, but I'm just saying that it's silly how people in this thread are saying that, when a few years earlier, people yelled at me for saying the same thing :D~.

    Also @bulma: It's completely possible to do that, actually. I've seen plenty of users here go from "what a sillyface" to "what a buddy" :>~. It just requires you to put in the effort to listen to people when they say "Don't do that!" and then go from there~.
    Hey cools I don't have a spoiler

    Quote Originally Posted by pWnZIngY0U34 View Post
    mayB try bigfoot. its godd exp to lvl up with

    ops i mean good*
    Quote Originally Posted by xtreme702 View Post
    CDFA's just a total dumbass half the forum knows that by now...

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    aw man i was going to come back to say hi to email but now he's gone.

    well... this is awkward.

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    Never fear
    samlee returned not too long ago

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