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Thread: Claw Mastery for New Stars? How to add more star capacity?

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    Icon8 Claw Mastery for New Stars? How to add more star capacity?

    I just bought Ilbi's today and they are 1,000 stars, but I have MAXED Claw Mastery

    But, my Steely's and Tobi's I used before are 1,200.

    How could I get the Ilbi's to 1200 or even more than that?

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    Not every set has the same maximum capacity. You can't go past max capacity, and for Ilbi, that's 1000.

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    Expanding a bit...

    Each set of stars has a set amount of them in each set. For Ilbi, it's actually 800. Level 20 Claw Mastery adds +200 stars. So, you end up with a thousand. Tobis and Steelys come in sets of 1000, hence 1200 stars in total with maxed Claw Mastery. You can't increase the amount of stars in a set any more than that. The closest you could do is buy another set.

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