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Thread: Dying interest

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    Default Dying interest

    So i find myself not playing games much anymore, and when i do, i just waste money and dont play the game all the way through. I dont like renting games because i always seem to end up with a huge late fee. I want to get Max Payne 3, but am afraid of wasting my money. I know its a good game, so im not asking about that, im just wondering if anyone has any suggestions on getting me back in the swing of actually finishing some games? And yes, i still like games, i look forward to getting my Game Informer each month, its just when i start playing them, i find myself not finishing at all, and not always because the game isnt that good, i just lose interest...
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    You need a refresher. Tried any lowkey indie games?
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    There are many free games online and ones you can download. Money isn't everything, as long as you're having fun.

    And also don't spend money on a game if you know you will lose interest in

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    planet side 2 should be something you can look forward to. I think if you get any game with a sense of progression with your account/character, you should be able to rekindle the interest.
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    Have you tried Nexuiz or Tribes:Ascend? Tribes and Nexuiz are two very similar games. Both have fast paced action and modes. Tribes is free and It's very fun to me.
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    There isn't enough new features or changes in games to make games fun anymore, that's the key problem. Tried indie games myself after havin this problem about a year ago and still have the problem, even among indie games, games are stale and usually the same, the ones that have potential get flocked and then ****ed by 8yos wanting stupid **** and the developers not knowing how to tell an 8yo apart from a regular person and actually doing it.
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