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The Database Takes Flight

Stage 2

  1. This is a puzzle stage that is completed by doing a logical process of elimination. There are 3 ropes suspended in the sky, and you can "go" to each rope by jumping at the corresponding portals below and holding the Up arrow key.
  2. 5 other party members have to cooperate with the leader as he gives his commands in numbers, such as "221", which means 2 people on the left rope, 2 people on the middle rope, and 1 person on the right rope.

    After the other 5 party members have climbed onto the appropriate ropes, the leader should talk to Amos to get further clues - whether it is "1 same", "all same" or "all different". Getting the "different" clue means that all ropes have an incorrect number of people, getting the "all same" clue would mean that one of the ropes have the correct number of people, while getting the "1 same" clue means that you have the right amount of people on the ropes, but they are not the correct ropes - for example, if 500 gives you the "1 same" clue, the answer would be either 050 or 005 (thanks to AceCase for contributing this part).

  3. The best place to start from is 500 - which puts 5 people on the left string - and branch out from there. The following chart has also been constructed for easier playthrough - it lists one of the few possibilities the stage can be done.
  4. If you cannot complete the stage within 7 tries, a series of monsters will be released.
  5. 5. After completing this stage, go through the portal to the next stage.