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  1. That's pretty sweet, but I can't see FiM in it. lol. Just a FiM inspired anime, which would be AWESOME!
    You never seem to let me down, Lex! /)(^3^)(\
  2. This one's a bit big
  3. I find them randomly when I go onto DeviantArt or Tumblr => If I think it looks cool I pop it your way =P

    Also, hello!
  4. Whoa. That tribal art design for the outline iscool. I've never seen anything drawn quite like that before! Where do you find this stuff?

    Also hi.
  5. Spoiler!
  6. You posted that at 3:21 my time. You win.
  8. Absolutely fantastic. That's some real chalk skill right there, I tell you hhwhat. Kudos to the man or woman who made that! :3
  9. Spread across multiple monitors... That would be... Just epic =X It was so huge for my poor tiny monitor it used loads of processing just to scroll across the thing! After zooming out! 3 times! XD
    If I find more MLP things I'm going to go "HAVIN' THAT!" and plonking you a visitor message XD
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