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  1. Oh my god. That is TOTALLY going to be my new desktop wallpaper. Once I manage enough monitors! :D That image has every, single, CHARACTER IN IT! :D

    Thanks for sharing!
  2. That sounds quite cool actually XD I need to watch series 1 again X3 I loved it so much! I watched the finale when I got back from holiday more than a month ago too XD Not as good as Discord I thought, but still an awesome finale =3
  3. I love that image! <3 I saw a comic about how it's all a big studio, and they use robots and stuff. It was really funny. :P
  4. What's the video about? Also, just to forewarn you, I have an awful track record about keeping up with people's vids ;D I get lazy often and forget, especially if it's outside of my main interests.
  5. Shhh No one needs to know XD
  6. xD, it's the "Maple" trade system. not the "My trade system"!
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