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  1. what's it about?
    i see lolis so you already caught half of my attention
  2. FFAs are fun. The deck I play dominates it.

    And its nagi from the anime kannagi.
  3. btw that chick bouncing up and down in your profile, where is that from? what is it?
  4. my friends and i play team games. i always want to play free for all, but the never want to. they always say 'well people would just gang up on someone and it wouldn't be fun', even though i proposed you can't go for the same person twice in a row, they still said no even after i came up with a solution. i think the real reason why is because their decks are good for 1v1 but suck otherwise, while mine isnt as good for 1v1 but excels in teams and free for alls.
  5. Yeah I played it for a little while, but I didn't have anybody to play with at all. I play with my roommate now and a bunch of his friends, we get as big as 8 people playing team games or massive FFA games. Its pretty fun.
  6. no cause you still have to pay for everything, so its like, why not just have it in real life then. i couldnt find an online magic the gathering where you pick cards for free and start playing people =(
  7. Nice. I actually play a black Consume deck, It only runs one creature, Nightmare. Its a deck I have been playing for years, not legal for playing in tournys. I also play a white Life gaining deck, probably very similar to yours.

    I am working on a blue decking deck ATM. Waiting for the last few cards to show up.

    Do you play magic online at all?
  8. I have four decks now (nice having a job lol). 2 white, 2 black.
    for the white, one is a healing deck where my creatures get stronger for healing. so a bunch of weak low cost creatures that become like 10/10 with flying and crap at like 35 health and stuff. the other white deck is more of a gimmik, i use a combo of these two cards where one says "if you have 1 life you win the game" the other is "if youre going to die, stop yourself at one life" the rest of the cards just helps me stall.
    as for the 2 black decks one is a bunch of relentless rats, thrumming stones, coat of arms, and some sword artifact.
    the last deck is a black consuming deck. i play swamps and diabolic tutor for this one creature that double my mana, and then consume my opponent for X damage and gain X health where X is either how much i py or swamps i control depending on the card. the rest of it is some creatures and discard stuff for some control.
  9. So how are your magic decks coming along. I just started playing again after my roommate started to pick it up.
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