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  1. my hs logo will totally annihilate urs. >:V
  2. I am

    the tennis man.

    aww yeeeee
  3. You are a man of tennis rackets and megaman.
    I'm still figuring out something witty to say about this.
  4. You should send me your youtube channel url so I can subscribe.
  5. where have I heard that before
  6. The guy trapped under the merchandise.
  7. I was worried you'd figure this all out because I had posted that thread in the Chat Thread, and I was monitoring you VIA your profile. Good thing you didn't click it!
  8. Oh I hate you.
  9. haha I got you!
    Same exact words ;)

    I'm not leaving for a loooooong time, don't you fret Barento.

    But hey, thank you for those kind words.
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