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  1. Well I'm pirating the other version, so I at least have two versions to trade (i got another DS somehwere)
  2. The electric legendary is more useful i think :P
  3. what the hell. I just preordered white only to realize you have white :|
  4. I still don't understand why you quit MS. At least I could've had the zhelm or help you train :\
  5. Where are you on MS? I haven't seen you on in ages
  6. Il be on maple soon, eating pizza and watching youtube vids, i buddied you r main on my new guy, so if your playing someone else, buddy MudkipV2
  7. Yeah I"m here.
  8. You around falk? Maple just finished dl
  9. Just to add on the PM

    IGN: Sayorain
  10. Then use your stupid slow weapon :|
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