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  1. I know right?
  2. Tennis was my sister's thing.

    Sports was all "urggggh" for me until a month ago- then WHAM- I'm in love with badminton.
  3. I feel the same way about people who don't play seriously or isn't good. I'm sorry about those idiot guys, but the world is full of pricks.

    Tennis is a little difficult at first, although i don't know why those men mentioned anything about ping-pong.
  4. no pain no game

    I wish we played it more often in gym. Last week I was ridiculously happy because it was free choice and they were putting up some nets, so then I sat down to tie my sneakers. Then a bunch of stupid men came and took my spot. Then I moved to the next court so it was 3x3. My classmate started yelling at me then, and I decided to leave so as to not to ruin their experience as stupid men had ruined mine. Then I played badminton with the sort of person that's not really quite good at anything to be honest, but told my inner self to shut up and be a good sport. But I went ahead and mentally whined anyway.

    And thennn I was playing table tennis today with a bunch of-surprise-stupid men! That told me I sucked at ping pong when they couldn't even play like they weren't freaking drunk and keep it on the freaking table themselves. When they actually got around to hitting it, I always hit the ball too hard and with really great fail timing.

  5. I know right? badminton is like the best. but it hurts my forearm since i don't play it often, so whenever i do, it gets sore from the exercise.
  6. yeah but badmitton is AMAZINGGG
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