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  1. are you jelus?/?/??
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  3. Digital camera owners who use a flash memory card usually work their way up from starter cards with small data storage capacities to ones with larger amounts of memory. But the smaller cards need not go unused; inexpensive housings from MediaGear turn those cards into USB drives for backing up data or moving files from one computer to another. Even the 16-megabyte cards supplied with many cameras hold nearly as much data as a dozen floppy disks. Using them is simply a matter of opening the cover; you then place the card in a socket and close the cover again. Available from the website, the Keychain USB Drives cost $10 each and they come in versions to fit just about all card formats. In May, they will also be available with transparent covers that let you see at a glance whether a memory card is in the housing.

    Find a subject verb disagreement in that.
  4. now is good 2 post
  5. I don't remember seeing it there before, but I just closed it since it linked to a download and wasn't from a regular member.
  6. cuz dat aint no guide
    belongs in general section.
  7. wat da fak do you want me to do with this
  8. tesiqueerassa
  9. jitenp s
  10. Bro bro bro bro

    when you're an english major can we sex
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