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  1. Actually that's not a bad idea. By skipping those skills you can max all your support buffs like Drain and Booster, both of which have relatively low durations unless maxed. I would approve it; Yellow Aura is next to useless, Advanced Yellow Aura even more so with SI.
    The reason you couldn't hit 4th job is because you needed Advanced Blue Aura, not Yellow; AYA is a 4th job skill.
  2. alan rage quit and kicked everyone from oblivion

    we'll probably be getting more
  3. o.o
    In that case I would just buy 4 more scrolls for like 20k and scroll myself a new one.
    GM Sword scroll prices have dropped quite a bit since you bought yours.
  4. i just checked through the prices of Carabellas in mts; the closest thing I could find was a 141 att u/h up for 61k. There were a few other 140 atts up for 58-63k.It would have to be the scrolls+35k
  5. buy my pirate glove you dixtacular dix
  6. ​wth does that have to do with being kawaii
  7. church thing
    volunteering, etc.
    being a good citizen of planet earth.
  8. ​seriously why the hell are you going to africa
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