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  1. shut your whore mouth
  2. soft pink is more kawaii
  3. also wrong ****ING PINK WHY IS IT NOT HOT PINK
  4. are you now a british gentleman or what
  5. fix 'd
  6. wtf happened to your pink

  7. god wtf no one ACTUALLY enjoys english

    they do it to be hipster, get babes, breeze through uni
  8. gg english majors.
    i actually take a minor interest in english so yeah.

    except my american lit class, thats too hipster and retro for me.
  9. I don't read either unless it's super interesting

    If it's a textbook I just deal with the C or B I'll get in the class.
    If it's something for Engrish I just bull**** everything and walk away with As.
    This is how I had time for so much mapesuhtoree
  10. idk
    reading novels > reading textbooks
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