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  1. alright, it's on there, ngrdix
  2. i'd still xfer it. at the very minimum you could sell it on the bello fm and figure out a way to pay jon back via food or something.
  3. you'd have to ask jon; it's his

    If you do buy it, I charge about 100m per karma (roughly 1:35). So 100m+ whatever jon is asking. I think he's looking for an outside game offer, so it will probably be more in line with the prices of those "lesser" sites.
  4. yes. how much do you want for it.
  5. samlee, should I bother paying 3k nx to transfer off an epic 2 line 4 att belt?
    it's on Jon's WH, and I kind of want to transfer it over to Transpierce, but I already have a 6 att and 3 att belt (the 3 att, 3 line being on my pally)

    Do you think it's worth transferring the belt over?
  6. ok
    i still need to remake the expedition for zak.
  7. I found a Maple Snowboard, 84 att clean for just 10m (it's a normal speed PA, lvl 70).

    I bought it assuming you want it cuz youshould want it dixtacular
  8. ~wen ever i feel bad @ work n i don want 2 do it ne more i jus think bout how kawaii u r n everyting is all better~~!!!! <33333
  9. give me a level 100 knuckle pls im lvl 99 pls i nid bad
  10. ​Ur a qt pi haha~~! <3
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