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  1. I'll buy a zHelm from you in Kradia for 7k NX, and I'll gift you the SoK too.
  2. I can't remember a set amount because I did it over a long period of time, but I think around 300k-400k nx. So much of my cubing was buying individual cubes from people using mesos.
  3. How much did you spend cubing your mage?
  4. nope...
    Tossed that idea down the drain.
  5. SAM LEE!!!!!

    I assume you wont be an nx whore now?
  6. God hates war and God hates crime, but he really hates people who color outside the lines.

    You've got a methodist coloring book
    And you color really well
    But don't color outside the lines
    Or God will send you to Hell
  7. Oh my god its canadian day!?
  8. what's christmas
    isn't it when america gets snow and looks like canada for a day?
  9. Mang u excite 4 christmas.

    o wait ur canadian u don hav holidays u jus hav bear
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