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  1. ya k das fien
  2. Emailemailemail

    I hit max magic.

    Can I play kms now?
  3. Mosque
    I'm not sure whether you are trying to troll libtards or not, but I agree that the mosque shouldn't be placed there.

    That thread is full of brainwashed kids.

    PM two
  4. forget
    those people bashing you on the mosque thread in burning zone, they're not thinking clearly. i'm with you that it shouldn't be built. i think 2 blocks away is kind of far frmo it and it's a decent distance, but if the people from 9/11's family's are still hurt then there's your answer if 2 blocks really is far enough. i think we ought to satisfy the family's and the new yorkian's before anything else just how you say. don't worry abou what those people tell you, thy're forgetting the family's and the people from new york. the muslim's won't die if we choose not to allow it, they have the $$ to go somewhere else.


    PM one
  5. ur hot. srs
  6. my god i forgot how bad leveling was on gms...
  7. wow if you have a lvl 3 hero.....dayyym
  8. go on lingua more

    I went on gMS to make a Hero but then I quit at level 3.
  9. Oooohhhh
    What about MP from level up AP, do they still count the INT bonus?
  10. I tried double washing on my MM, but it doesn't seem to work on this server. I think the MP added from non-lvl ups is a set number.
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