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  1. Woot. HM maybe gone, but the bonds live forever!

    Oh, I also remembered that one of HS' affiliates is run by two ex-HM members.
    Remember those loud guys MCR(Savage) and jboy(Iris)? They run Maple-News.
  2. Remnants of HappyMapling assemble.
  3. Yep. Registration finally works on that site. Borked for sometime. Managed to make 4 journal posts there.
  4. Got in touch with Rice on VuTales?
  5. Finally got in touch with former HappyMapling members through Vutales at last.

    At least you still visit here as well as FanofKOKOTO. I'm very glad.
  6. Lmao, super late reply.
    Oh dang, I'm sorry for your loss. But at least you're at peace now.
  7. Got hacked. Retired and now living the rest of my days here.
  8. Maple is down and I'm utterly bored.
  9. Oh hi. Haven't seen you for a while. How's everything?
  10. Hey Tharty.
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