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  1. i just akwaii everyone
  2. The part at 0:36 might sound nice slurred. Or is it on two different strings? Hard to tell from the vid.
  3. the song's too fast for dat slurring stuff
  4. Just noticed you pretty much change your stroke direction with every note. Try sluring some bro.

    still love it 5 stars my favourite vid all time
  5. man that is totally worth it and not a rip off at all brb placing order
  6. holy **** i hate myself

    get out of my old posts before i suicide
  7. Off on an... Adventure. :D
    I'm going to Miniappolis in about three hours. We go there every year to go to Valley Fair, teh awesomest theme park around.

    But then again. My favourite roller coaster.

    'From KARE-11 news. Wild Thing. Back car of train gets uncoupled, jumps the tracks going into the station brakes. 17 injured, 13 taken to St. Francis Hospital in Shakopee. Mast camera is showing the back car sitting on the tracks, but with one bottom side sitting on the spine of the tracks.


    That was last year. 1 ride after us.

    Any of you guys been to any amusement parks? =D

    [and i'll be back monday.]

    i do
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