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  1. You can't post in it because it's in the Complete Guides Section, so there isn't anything I really need to change to it.
    As for my guide being editted, I just looked at it and I did make the changes according to the date listed at the top of the post, which was 4 months ago lol. I'm not sure why you still see the old version, but it is definitely updated. Let me know if you still can't see the new version.
    As for AP, capping DEX depends on your funding. Capping at 80 DEX is completely acceptable for average funding.
  2. Hello! Somehow I am unable to post a reply on the thread "Neo's Dual Blade Guide".

    I wanted to ask, so your guide for the Duel Blade has been edited for the 2nd+ job already? As in I read that you say

    " Oh wow, I'm terribly sorry, I finally understood what you guys were trying to tell me.
    Apparently you can't save from 2nd job to 2nd+ job I've editted the guide to reflect that. Thanks for letting me know, and sorry for not realizing it earlier. "

    So I am wondering if you have edited the guide? Cos the guide still say "26:Save (3)
    27:Save (6)
    28:Save (9)
    29:Save (12)
    30:Save (15)" So I am thinking is it edited yet?

    Sorry for the trouble. O can you include a guide for the DB AP guide? or generally add dex til 40 and capped it there?
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