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  1. Sorry I haven't replied yet >.< I've been /finding you but everytime you're not on. I won't be on Maple again till after the new year so I hope other HSers will add ya =)
  2. I got a few useless tradeables leftover but that's about it. Any chance you can re-add my sair to the guild as well? I've started a Merc which seem to be fairly fun, if you can add MoKicks as well I would be delighted :D
    Thanks man
  3. It's good they didn't get everything... They probably took everything treadeable though =( Bloody scumbags...
  4. Yeah, changed my password to something more secure and still have some items left lying around that should help.
    Shouldn't be too bad though hopefully. Somehow I'll get some items back....hopefully XD
  5. Maaaan that just sucks =< Hopefully you'll get back on your feet okay. Someone else on Bello HS got hacked twice now too =< Hacks are on the increase...
  6. Well it turns out I did get hacked. May come back to play anyway but still is fustrating :\
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