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  1. Damn. I am in serious need of some more color to my wardrobe. The T-Shirt section at least. Dark hoodies are fine.
  2. tis yo MIND SON
  3. I'm looking for a bright red shirt with that monkey in your avatar on it. Is my mind just messing with me or can I actually find one of these?
  4. Haha, thanks, and yeah, it's easy enough so far.
    You definitely should, I think you might still be in the guild, but could be wrong.
    Also, Digimon.
  5. Damn, 144, nice! And nice to hear you're enjoying college, going to attend next year. :)

    Yeah, I should play MS when I get more free time, if not just to screw around and stuff, hahaha
  6. I'm good, enjoying college. Missing you. =(
    Shad's level 144.
  7. hey buttface how are you

    what level is yo face at
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