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  1. Something to do with my dad's job. Japan is great! Enjoying every second of it. >:D

    Jealous yet?
  2. Blaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaank, y u get to live in Japan :|
  3. It's Misha! Shizune has blue hair!
  4. Or was it misha, omg. I can't remember
  5. I feel disappointed in myself. I couldn't recognise Shizune ._.
  6. All right! My next tutorial will be the for my current signature. As for my avatar, it's not from an anime, it's from a visual novel called Katawa Shoujo.
  7. Yes, please! And what anime is that character in your avvie from? Kinda looks like Kasane Teto, maybe a little bit?
  8. Not so much borderless as much as "shapeless". :P
    Should I make a tutorial for it?
  9. I see you've been messing with borderless sigs >:)
  10. Where chu go?
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