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  1. Happy Birthday Thart!
  2. Lol they still have 39 of those things left from the link I posted
  3. Good grief, that's alot of money just to blow on merchandise. I would only go far as purchasing cell phone charms but damn it Aniplex and SHAFT for trying to even break the consumer's bank.

    Ah well, people are still gonna purchase it anyway because of the original tv series. And will probably be resold at 50% to 200% when it is sold out because limited to 200.
  4. A little. Too... much... moe...
  5. Does Denpa have ecchi in it?
  6. I use Internet Explorer. And yes, do what Dae says. It's very helpful.
  7. ok thanks. Oh, and what web browser do you use? If you use Fire Fox, do you use the add-on "Web of Trust"?
  8. If you must know, the best way would happen to be game coins. But it's far from perfect.

    ~Super Rewards is bat crap insane need of cleaning up. It's jumbled texts makes my brain hurt. A lot.
    ~Peanut Labs is okay, but doesn't reward much NX.

    I used fake information. All of them. You can use Lunasaku's rant thread since there's good information.
  9. Hey Thart! I heard that you got like 23k NX from the Nexon Surveys. May I ask which of the thee companies you used the most and how often you used each of them?
    -Super Rewards
    -Game Coins
    -Peanut Labs

    May I also ask for your age? And for these surveys, did you use your personal information for fake/not your real information?
    When I say not your real information, I mean whether or not you used your phone number or address or a different existing phone number or address?
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