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  1. MonteZedio: tesi keeps talking about wanting to ban you for not delivering
    Wyatt: right.
    MonteZedio: he said you're going to get a warning to start if you dont deliver soon
    Wyatt: i'm sorry, but you're not trying hard enough if you're trying to convince me by going through tesi.
    MonteZedio: no he's actually saying that right now
    MonteZedio: i can stream and you can listen to him
    MonteZedio: tesi says this is his hidden street and he can "do whatever the **** he wants"
    MonteZedio: he said if you're that mad then make an empty house thread
    MonteZedio: ya know mesniac is in this chat too
    Wyatt: mesniac has been a ***** to me lately, and I don't know why.
    MonteZedio: he was bringing up the eggs thing earlier too
    MonteZedio: tesi's been listening to everything he/she says
    Wyatt: really?
    MonteZedio: not even kidding
    MonteZedio: it's ridiculous
  2. you are what i like to call wyatt
  3. [23-03, 17:27] kaglover1: Oh yea, i rather be dating Wyatt
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