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  1. I was expecting a picture of a giant egg.

    That's really good, and I love the art style. I recognize the style, but not that artist's name. Hm..

    Thanks for sending me that!
  2. Spoiler!
  3. Spoiler!
  4. Spoiler!
  5. -Jaw drop-

    I...whoa- what!? That's amazing! The pure detail in the scenery, every character, and the overall feel of the picture is stunning!
  6. Spoiler!
  7. Of course of course. Just saying what came to mind immediately.
  8. It's uh... meant to be nouveau =X
  9. It looks like a movie poster from a 1990's poorly done CGI kid's movie!

    Awesome! :D
  10. Spoiler!
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