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  1. woah woah woah wow!!! you didn't just insult me now, did you?

    you never even rode a pheonix!
  2. Also you're a star WASHUP. You don't have the flair you once had.
  3. are you happy now you sick human being
  4. why is your picture a star?

    you think you look tough stealing MY profession??!!!!
  5. So I watched an LP of the Marionette. Seems pretty cool.

    Although I thought it'd be a bit freakier throughout the whole thing. I felt it only had a couple jump scares and then was really freaky at the end.

    Which ending did you get when you played it?
  6. pheonixrider the city
  7. 15 notifications... wah??!!

    we should hang out more

    i guess ill give you 15 notifications

    or maybe just a message worth 15 notifications

    ooh the marionette

    maybe ill play it

    or just watch someone else do that
    Remember to look hard for every item, you'll need 'em.
  9. Liverpool sucks
  10. okay I give up
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