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  1. thats true
  2. In your dreams jon, you are cheating on ann. i asked her she does not mind having a cheating husband.
  3. im kags babe. go away
  4. [19-04, 13:15] kaglover1: but gloomy does not like you xD
    [19-04, 13:15] kaglover1: gloomy is your babe right o.o
  5. I have not seen you in the chatbox for so looooong honey. :"(
  6. Then what do you want me to call you xD
  7. i only love kag. screw you
  8. Ok so next time when I see you in chatbox. I'll shout out HONEY. okay?
  9. yeeeeeeehawwww
  10. i NEED a yeehaw
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