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  1. Would be an injustice if it didn't go viral.
  2. this is actually the best idea ever, i can see it already
    Gl00mii featuring B-Rentz Da PhoenixRida
    "We got sw4g"
  3. oh wow you are a cool person yes you are. Never change gurl, never change. The pure swag in your hemoglobin is so absurd that even your blood travels in style. I bet you drink wanton soup IN YOUR SLEEP. Oh and the gucci, man you should make your own sick and hip rap video. Also if you need some help assembling such a video you should call me up because we all know an obligatory black male is needed for such an occasion. We don't even need a good rhyme, just stuff inaudible nonsense in there and we are set.
  4. sw4g, sw4g, sw4g, gucci gucci louis louis fendi fendi prada
  5. swagswagswagswa-
  6. pink~ so kewt
  7. Kawaii background is Kawaii
  8. idk, but i really hope not
  9. pleasetellmethatspiderisfake
  10. One of the best anime out there. DO IT.
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