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  1. aw, sounds like fun ;o glad youre enjoying yourself and etcetcetc
  2. Forgetting Academiks. English is hard.
  3. So the year started out like this:
    Object of Julia's affections : "Oh hi. I thought you died or something."
    Julia : "Excuse me? Why?"
    OOA : "You didn't show up for Orientation."
    Julia : "That's because I'm not new this year O_O didn't have to..."
    So we did two days of non-academic fun [sleep-in days] and went canoeing. Cracked an iPad joke, made up twilight parody skits, had a blast. Got to wear a bandanna, too!
    Went canoeing, hit OOA with paddle.
    He said "Well, **** you then~!"
    -surpasses our team-
    So life is some crazy stuff. Joined the soccer team too, the game today was a total failure. We were 20 minutes in and were losing 8-2 because I'm crappy defense. Maybe it was just that day. iunno
    Then we rode home on an hour long bus trip, during which the boys on the soccer team called phone numbers [pranks] on the buildings we were passing. That one kid still calls me "slave"... oh, and when he was prank calling, he blurted out my name. So I reprimanded him like 10 times [didn't care]
  4. this is going to be a long message. you might be offline when I finish
  5. go on, tell me about it <:
  6. so much has happened in my life lately, I have such a wide range of emotions, mostly happy and amazed
  7. gaga is so wonderous. i had my first day of school today and it was ok but tomorrow is first official day of class and its gonna SUCK.
  8. Oh my gosh mother that lady gaga moment in your sig

    i remember remarking about it to a fellow gaga-er. @o@
  9. you're grounded, young lady >:
  10. Nope procrastinating
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