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  1. 1st of all, I'd like to say thanks for ur awesome guide. I m new to Maple. And BM is my 1st and only char. lol.. I've been following ur guide all along. :) Except I have a problem..

    Im playing at MS SEA. Using the database, I found out Intoxicated Pig drops esther shield? After hours of hunting, I couldnt even get an esther shield.

    THen I browse Maple Wiki and found out,
    They dont drop at all =.=

    And also In your guide, you stated Toy Trojan doesnt drop anything good at all. But in maplewiki, it shows that they drop Arden Gloves. :(

    Im lvl 49. Reaching a milestone soon. But with a crappy lvl 20+ eq =.=. Hope you will help me out.

    Here is my list of the stuff that I wanted to hunt:
    Blue Chaos Robe (M)
    Arden Gloves
    Esther Shield
    Blue Calas

    P/S : im still using that wiz staff =_=" sorry I couldnt get PM to work. Seems that I dont have the secuirty thingy..
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