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  1. i'm training on tommy pickles now

    it begins.

  3. inner abilities get unlocked at levels 30, 50, 70; you unlock the abilities on the left(i think it's the lightbulb icon, it might be the star icon i dont remember). at every honor level you gain these pink dragon balls called ability circulators. using them will grant you wishes reset the abilities that you currently have. to raise honor levels you use the medal thingies. there's like a billion different abilities
  4. Also, gimme a breakdown on how to get inner abilities. I have no clue where to get them.
  5. I got a dil pickles familiar card
  6. Guess who got a T O M M Y P I C K L E S familiar card.
  7. i decided against reading bulma's posts in order to keep my sanity
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