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  1. Thanks Rasu, but nope, unfortunately not. Legal age is 21 here.
  2. Hippy barfdae! Are you legal to do anything new in Japanland now?
  3. Taiko: Gera Gera to Warau
    KagePro: Lost Time Memory, Outer Science, Yobanashi Deceive
    Heisei Project: Heisei Cataclysm
    I-Don't-Know-Where-This-Came-From-But-It's-Really-Good: Kimi to Miteita Sekai
    IA The World: Osanana Blue, Onegai Sekai, Yume Maboroshi, Planetes, Sakurasou, 2061, Chord Liner, Muchitsujouna Wagamama
    Come to the dark side
  4. So I heard you're an IA fan. Got any IA song recommendations?
  5. Tbh I have no idea. I think my teacher submitted it but no one told me anything about it afterwards, and the teacher was a wh0re and she left the school anyway.

    What ever became of your story? Did you end up entering it in the competition? Did you win?
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