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  1. I just happened to be wondering that (・ω・`)
  2. Just realised that I haven't added you to Facebook (not that I use it much), so here's mentioning that I just did if you were wondering who's that random dude called Shin Feng adding you. That is all.
  3. I attend an international school with all of its courses (except the second language ones) taught completely in English.
  4. Two years on hs and I only get messages from one dude and some random spam. Go me

    And I've always wondered how you talk to people in over there since I'm guessing you wouldn't have known enough of the language to attend a public school there when you first moved.
    Or am I totally mistaken and you have gosu japanese and walked into school like a cool dude on day 1
  5. Not really, I don't eat sweets that often. Also just noticed all the messages on your profile are from me :x
  6. I have tried some of the banana cakes and cookies and stuffs my sis brought back from Tokyo and they were delish, do you eat them everyday or something?
  7. Bishoujo Mangekyou (Beautiful Girl Kaleidoscope, I think)
    Also I just noticed that all the visitor messages on your page are from me. :p
  8. That is one sweet sig, where's the girl in it from?
  9. I haven't actually tried it, but I'll have to make do with it since I get massive delays ingame using AOL
  10. Well, whatever works for you. How's the net browsing with HSS? I find it a lot slower with HSS, plus those random ads and stuff that appear,. I also noticed I'll DC off Maple quite often if I switch to another task that uses internet. Like using chrome.
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