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  1. Happy birthday Juls :D
  2. Luna.. ?
  3. kouhaiiii i miss youuu im going nutssss ;_;
  4. Lol, I wasn't even in town, much less near a computer. Thanks though :)
  5. happy birthday :D was late sorry. x_X
  6. i began reading the chapter. they seem a bit on the short side, but so far... i'm entranced. somehow. it was kinda plain a plot but... i'm entranced. somehow. maybe the art? maybe the possibilities? Thanks!
  7. heart no kuni no alice
  8. wherez ur avatar from?! :O
  9. Should 'ave known. Aaaand, yes, Tao Ren, at least, from this angle and from the "cut off" of the avatar. Plus a evil looking Mashiro from Bakuman. I don't feel like filling my personal picture. :3
  10. Thank you very much! I admire your epically original blank head.

    Lol, Tao Ren? I was thinking more of a fusion of Chuck Norris and Anime. He's Death The Kid from soul eater. :3
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