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Conversation Between Lunasaku and rasudoken

Conversation Between Lunasaku and rasudoken

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  2. Oh, I'm probably out of the deep **** thing, but I'm too lazy to change it, or to add an avatar.

    Thanks for the help.
  3. "Lunasaku's rant thread", haha v

    Anyway, Game Coins and Peanut Labs are usually the best for me.

    Why the deep ****, man?
  4. Hey Luna, for the Nexon Surveys, do you use Super Rewards, Game Coins, or Peanut Labs?
  5. GUESSWHAT. I got a badminton set <3 Net and everything. Awesome sauce.

    And teacher told me not to worry about it.
  6. Sorry again.
  7. Lol first option

  8. Hold up, so then are you and the other aggressive girl playing on two different courts, or on the same court? And so your partner and the other girl's partner hit the birdie to the center between the two courts. When you said that the two of you whammed your wrists and clashed the two rackets, did the two of you try to hit the birdie back into play or did the two of you just happen to meet eye to eye and then whammed each other? (Chances are that it's the first one, but the way you said it, it made it sound epic enough for a mini-fight)

    Sorry about the racket braking, and yeah, life does suck -__-
  9. [post too long]

    Okay so, my partner totally hits the birdie in the border between her space and mine, and apparently her partner had too - so as it was fated, the paths of two extremely aggressive badminton-playing ladies/animals whammed their wrists and flung all their willpower into their rackets, which clashed, and guess what happened? The one I was using totally snapped at the tension-point. Utterly snapped. We both had the "Oh ****" look on our faces, but I knew I had to go give it to the teacher right away, and I did. Then I went into the locker room and changed (because I knew I couldn't bring myself to play any more, much less be allowed to) and basically wanted to cry. Badly.

    The REAL tragedy was that kids with study hall (me!) after that period could have stayed and played for another hour.

  10. I was playing badminton on thursday and my gym teacher (well, one of them anyway) noticed that I was super enthusiastic for once, and actually had some sort of knack for it, and let me borrow one of the lighter, more expensive rackets. If the normal rackets aren't expensive enough. So I was playing with this guy (who's actually taller than me), who wasn't bad at all.

    So the net was long enough for four pairs, right? This girl (the same classmate who yelled at me in a previous post) next to me who was playing pretty hard too, and had crossed my path a couple times, and I had to pick the birdie up out of her net area once or twice.
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