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  1. Hopefully that'll be the end of it and you'll feel a billion times better =)
  2. Glad you're all right. And yeah it's pretty default, but I'm getting a new ACL soon so it'll all be over then..
  3. >.O; I guess that's... Default then? I've been okay =3 Could be better, but nothing to complain about really.
  4. I'm decent, been pretty busy and my knee's still ****ed up. How're you?
  5. Not really too bothered really X3 As long as I know you're still okay I'm happy
  6. No, I do, but it must be annoying.
  7. That's alright =P I don't mind really
  8. Sorry that I keep quitting :/
  9. I don't really know. I won't be training again till Sunday. People are normally on over the weekend though.
  10. Do you think there are people who'd be able to do some LHC tomorrow? I(And prolly others as well) have 3 hours of 1.5x Exp which I'd love to use and get to 140+ :P
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