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  1. Nice. I got to the part where you can and won't get the sword of kings. Don't forget to speed-battle those red guys in that factory during Saturn Valley by holding down the tilde key since for some reason they're ridiculously great to level up on.
  2. redownloading snes emulator to play earthbound.
  3. Here's a PhoenixRider

    oh snap nevermind
  4. Not sure, trip maybe. That sucks about your computer not getting shipped in on time.
  5. There are two of them. Both bookmarked on my computer that won't be up again untill Wednesday, because three day shipping apparently reaally means seven day shipping. Rook or anyone usually in the wallpaper thread should know. There are two I know of, and I find the one with "flash" in its name to be better. I forget why.
  6. Supa, what's that awesome website chock full of nice desktop wallpapers?
  7. sup teriyaki.
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