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  1. LOL SO RANDUM XD maple story
  2. well it's utsuho reiuji
  3. well it looks like a ******
  4. it's an eye stupid

    霊烏路 空(れいうじ うつほ)(通称:おくう)

    Utsuho Reiuji
    Nickname: Okuu

    Long raven-black hair. Wears a white short-sleeved shirt with a red "eye" in the center, a short green skirt, and a green hair-ribbon. On her right arm, she wears a device known as the "Third Leg", which appears to regulate the power of the devices on her legs (aka a control rod). She wears a cape that's white on the outside and a starry pattern on the inside; the cape is kept aloft by her black wings. Her right foot is encased in congealed matter, representing the "elephant's foot" of Chernobyl. Her left foot is being orbited by atoms.
  5. that girl has an orange ****** on her chest

  6. uguuuu

    i also don't see any youmu on there

    must be a sign

    p.s. stretchan' ur pagez (by about an inch!)
  7. how DARE you
    youmu > everyone
  8. dat okuu
  9. dat youmu
    all up in ur signature
  10. usagi wa usagi wa usagi wa usagi wa
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