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  1. hah. well, nothing to do here

    you can try out soluto and see what crashed it and look for a fix
  2. steam crashed.
  3. too much hard partying on the interwebs, stop it oh gountzuntzuntzuntzuntz
  4. The whole experience was full of freaking out and running out of ammo. One point where an exploding barrel made me shat bricks since I was dealing with countless headcrabs and fell from the rooftop onto a sea of them.

  5. it is nervewreaking
  6. Yeah, the maze is what made it worse since the zombies seemed never ending. Still have chills.
  7. it was interesting. Half Life 2 I presume?

    anyway, its kinda like a maze. Remember, you have to jump across buildings many times. You have to use the cars to get yourself up to the building, etc.
  8. Ravenholm is terribleterribleterrible. How was it for you?
  9. I, i have always wanted to do that ;_:
  10. Hey bunny, how about after the honeymoon we do the impossible.
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