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  1. ... how did you know

  2. stop posting videos on the internet !!!!
  3. You are now alleging friends yours hot
  4. Believe me, I'm a bruh who could offer so many more sensations.

    Like five million hardened pimples all at once.
  5. I like picking the hardened pimples off my back and rolling them around my tongue. It tastes amazing and satisfies me like no bruh could.

  6. found you
  7. aw **** nig dat sum fine azz nawimean? luv u bbabe sparklez n shet holla at me gon make u feel fineeeeee dis valtine

    take u out 4 sum

  8. missin u babe... so heres early valintine just 4 u

  9. you're right

    the bulge should be bigger

    much much bigger

    ur mom wud no
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