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  1. Thanks I see that thread now..bummer that I have to spend $5 if I want to do that. Oh well.
  2. Hey, you can refer to this link for our current stand on changing names.
  3. Hey, I haven't heard about the name change thing..I was just wondering if I could do it.
  4. Hey, I left Wigum a PM about changing my name. Seeing as she got off. I was wondering if I could change my name. This current one doesn't represent me any more. Its a bit childish and I feel that since I want to get back into posting here on the forum I would see if I could get it changed. I rather not make a new one since this one was made awhile ago and it kinda makes me feel like I have been apart of the forum for awhile...

    If you could change it to Legacy. I would really appreciate that.
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