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  1. Do you know what time the puppy pant is at?
  2. She actually uploaded it to Afreeca

    I don't know if she's going to delete it later but
  3. Have you seen Attack on Titan though
    I heard it's pretty good aye

  4. I've never heard of it
  5. Wait what did you say about that Bokura wa Minna Kawaisou manga/anime. You said it wasn't good or something? I'm trying so hard to remember right now.
  6. [04-02, 14:44] Watashi: my 心 is broken now
    [04-02, 14:44] Watashi: did she really :(
    [04-02, 14:31] Phazonkirby: Dead
    [04-02, 14:30] Watashi: where is mesniac
  7. Why did you change your profile pic!?
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