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  1. Cool :D thanks
  2. Half =/= last *Forgot about the edit button*
  3. Hey Bathis~ I wanted to let you know about the progress of the avatar, since it's just sort of vanished. I haven't forgot, there's just the staff to do now. I've spent the last 30minutes fixing it because I was so unhappy with how it was turning out, which is why I stopped for a while. Uni didn't help too... Anyway, if I'm not too tired tonight I'll finish the staff and send it to you =)
  4. Nope, I don't think so
  5. Does that mean you get a disability permit?
  6. I hope so, otherwise I'll be a cripple for life x_X
  7. Geez that just sucks =< Hopefully physio with help it... If not... Crap X_x
  8. They can't fix it, cartilage recovers but very, very slowly(I haven't asked him but I assume that since I use it it doesn't recover at all) so I'm getting fysio to teach me how to use my leg in a different manner as to limit the pain :/
  9. Oh jesus D=> Is there anything that can be done? I hope they won't re-break it to fix it...
  10. I've been to the doctor, the cartilage in my left knee is damaged :/
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