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  1. thanks your world is pretty amazing
  2. could you upload your mc world to megaupload or something? that would be really cool
  3. so do i change passwords or something
    or is it unavoidablce
  4. Something similar to that happened to my friends' mule. Your account won't be deleted, but it will be extremely easy to hack.
  5. Even though i got the "verify for account willl be terminated in 30 days" message yesterfday my account seems to be working today, unless it will be terminated in 30 days and i just don't know about it

    I guess I wont be moving to Kradia Khadia then
  6. Mages, Brawlers, Spearmen are all decent choices, but it's up to you. They're all pretty much the same speed until 70.
  7. MMk.

    Any ideas and what class I could start anew as (adventurer only, and definitely not a page as i dont want to do 1-70 all over again)
  8. It's pretty nice now that potential equips are better than scrolled ones. Easy to grasp.
  9. Hows Kradia Khadia's economy? My account needs to be verified but my email doesnt work
    so it will be terminated in 30 days unless i do something about it (which i cant do)

    Im thinking of starting over in Khadia since i'd have nothing anyways
    And its not too overpopulated
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