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  1. >Member list
    >Advance Search
    >Go to bottom of Page
    >Order Results by "Post Counts" in "Descending Order"
    >Search Now
  2. wait, how exactly do you see "top posters" for the forum

    im confuzed
  3. peterxdoken
  4. tell kag that im asian plz she doesnt believe me
  5. I did a while back (a couple appeared on my back).

    They stopped appearing and have gone away though
  6. Peterdoken, do you get pimples on your chest/back?
  7. Yes mike, why else would you SS it
  8. Dear lord can't that girl at least delete people with dignity
  9. I guess kag told me to post this
  10. Kag if you report Tesi for spam, I'm going to report you for flaming me
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