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  1. What was that Kag
  2. NO. I don't believe they put the man on the moon.... man not on the moon....

    ​nice song thou
  3. I don't know anything about actual Japanese, but no one has noticed so far. That almost makes it funnier
    You are not a fedora (you just proved it now)
  4. oh RIP fedorapersons. Are you putting in those non-Japanese existent letters in there on purpose though? That's one huge clue that the title/anime you're talking about is fake. Though people generally wouldn't think someone would ask them about a fake anime.

    Wait a minute are you saying I wear a fedora or something.
  5. At nebkon we go up to anyone with a fedora and ask if they've heard of [insert fake Japanese-sounding name here], then proceed to vaguely describe it.

    Me:"Hey have you heard of Shorjuitu no Hakami?"
    Fedora:"It sounds familiar..."
    Me:"I love how it pays homage to more classic anime fighting styles -especially in ep3. And that character development though!"
    Fedora:"Oooh yeah, I've seen that!"
  6. Even the mighty google was unable to give me anything on that (Shangonku no Kwana Okranata Shigiru).
  7. Have you seen Shangonku no Kwana Okranata Shigiru
  8. doken if i have sex tomorrow it's all thanks to you
  9. awesome new dms event just in time for exams
  10. Hello fellow Mardia players.

    I am here to sell Red, Blue, and Purple Gift boxes for the price of 800k. My IGN is Rasudoken.

    I am usually on Mon-Sat. My time zone is -8 (Pacific Mountain Time). I reside in California of USA.

    If you are interested, please leave a message or go online and find me.

    I am currently in orbis and am awaiting an answer.

    Please feel free to haggle.

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