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  1. Yeah, I believe the same requirements are in place for Trinity and Innis so those 2 are my bottom 2 I guess
    But in the end I'll probably end up going to UBC though LOL
  2. "Because Vic is a popular choice, only students who select Victoria College as their
    FIRST CHOICE will be considered."

    found this on the Vic page, might want to take it into consideration. it's a damn nice place, i pass by it everyday and it looks great.
  3. Ohhh I see thanks!
    Leaning towards Vic because cheaper than Trinity :x
  4. ooh, so just the residences? Just check this page no? Your college doesn't really matter in the end since they all provide the exact same services. And no matter what you choose you can still go into any program you want and you're still gonna meet people from every college, it's not really segregated like that. Just choose whichever residence plan works best for you.

    I go to Innis and it's pretty sweet. It's (I think) the only college that sets preferences based on marks. I'm pretty sure I just barely made it in because I'm the stupidest guy in here olol. But it's pretty quiet because of that, most people would rather study.

    So uh, if you just want to party, don't choose Innis. If you want somewhere quiet check it out. I can't speak for any of the other colleges though. Base it on your meal plan/dorm style preferences.
  5. the St. George colleges against each other because I have no idea how to rank them in preference lolol
  6. yee. what do you mean? how the programs are ranked compared to other universities? or how the campuses compare to one another? or how the specific UofT St. Georges campus colleges rank? in any case, i don't have much idea.
  7. kittybro, you go to U of T right? How are the colleges ranked there?
  8. It says Comic Sans when I'm changing in the options, yet doesn't show up like that. I'M SO DISAPPOINTED.
  9. Times New Roman
  10. hot DAMN. have fun man o/
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