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  1. Me 2
    omg we r liek twinz
  2. I rlly like to playing maplestry how bout u??
  3. Finished going through all of the guides. I moved everything that I was completely sure of, and left/rated the ones that were questionable.

    Go through those too dixdix. F50 said to unapprove the ones that need deletion, and he'll help with that.

    We'll need to write up and discuss specific rules with Saigo as well.
  4. i know who u r
  5. Btw, I'm just going to delete the epic failures of guides now (like this), and leave the so-so ones to be updated by the date you set. Basically, if the guide sucks and the person only has a few old posts, I'll delete it so we don't have to go through them later.
  6. Strong hue of blue
  7. adsfadf
    dix idk
  8. why are you being a ***
    colour plz
  9. Samlee has the best name in the history of forever

    nothing is more satisfying than popping your head up, sucking in air, and exclaiming "samlee" in an unnaturally deep voice.

    ksadl;fjkals;kadlfj fd;ksal fj;l
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